May 302014

One thing most people do not realise is that they are actually putting a lot of stress on themselves. Here are a few that I myself am facing or see people actually facing:

1. Fake friends. I realise I have a lot of fake friends around me. They could be asking me for a meet up session only to end it with asking me to lend them money. I’m glad I have not done it, otherwise I would just be waiting and most of the time I realise many of these people have borrowed money from someone else only ending up with the same excuse; I got into an accident, I don’t have that much money, I got a lot of commitments, I need some time, I’ll call you back. For those of you out there, here’s a piece of advice; don’t do it! Be it lend people money or borrow money from people. It does ruin the relationship especially when money is involved.

2. Overloading ourselves with work. This is a common problem with everyone. Work will be a never ending process. Sometimes we’ve got to learn to let go. For those of you with families, don’t regret what happens later in life because you may just be missing out an important part of the memories during you OT hours.

3. Setting a goal that is too high. It’s not bad to have goals in life. But in reality it is important to learn that nothing comes easy. I’ve realise that there are so many people think that graduating as a degree or masters holder would lead them to a gracious pay above the average income. There seems to be a majority that do not seem to be interested in jobs that have a lower pay below their expectations. Take jobs that fit well with you,  a new company or environment can teach you a lot of things. Don’t set your goal to be earning an average of 10K per month when you have NO experience in the work field. Be realistic as this world would not forgive you for being naive. You have perhaps seen the things people would need to do to achieve such income, but have you seen the lows that people faced while trying to achieve such goals? I remember vaguely that even Wong Fu Productions saying in one of their videos saying that they had to live on paycheck to paycheck (or something like that) just to pay for their rents and utility bills.

4. Learn to forgive and learn. Why do I say this? I believe that holding bad memories would greatly influence a person’s learning curve. Some people hold grudges that it would hold them back into growing something more. Learn to let go or you will be restricted to the walls you build on your own. It’s important to also learn that there are endless things that we are capable of. Learn to accept what the world offers and you may just be on your way to creating a place for yourself in this world.

5. Anger does not solve everything. Yes, I know that it is hard to control our temper sometimes but it is important to learn to control ourselves before everything gets out of hand. Sometimes we are blinded by our temper and it in return creates more stress for ourselves.

6. Learn to manage your spendings. There are a lot of people that do not realise that they are spending unnecessary money. There are so many people that overspend due to the use of credit cards and are even tied down to their mortgage and car loans. While living luxuriously is very tempting, always remember that it brings a short term happiness.

May 302014


So how about some music to enlighten this blog’s mood? Realizing how depressed and sad and how I left it unused for such a long time (well at least to the eyes of the public), it’s now important for me to get back on track. Somehow or rather, I’m now enjoying my alone time in the car. I realized that by being alone, I won’t get judged by the people that were around me (seriously, because there wouldn’t be anyone round me to judge me). But then again, loneliness tends to kick in even before I get comfortable with the feeling hence my sudden crave for Rilakuma all of a sudden. I don’t know why but at least I won’t be alone right?


Somehow, I’m back to listening to Brian McKnight’s Back At One song. I missed this song as it had some meaning towards my first relationship.


For those of you that don’t remember which song is this, here it is:



I know that many have different views from me, and I have taken a path where many do not agree. I know that I’ve got a lot of people around me that wants to take advantage of me. Honestly speaking, if you could hear me say it out loud right now, PLEASE RESPECT ME AS HOW I RESPECT YOU! There are so many that I considered just friends or close friends but in the end turns out to be the complete opposite. ‘It takes two hands to clap” -, this term does not necessarily relate to just one night stands, it can also be related to commitments, friendship or even a relationship. Take friendship for example, we will always have friends around us, but if I am trying but you don’t even give me a damn, don’t expect me to give a damn about you in the future once you’ve passed my tolerant level. Coincidentally this seems to happen on myself with not just one, but several people whom I considered close friends.


I thank you for not doing this to me when I was still facing depression. Maybe it was because at the time we never even talked or got along but it’s ok. If what you guys did to me happened during my depression, there might have been a possibility of me suiciding and you becoming famous for causing immense pressure towards depression patients like myself.


If you’ve made it clear to me that if I could always depend on you, at the very least please fucking keep to your word. Maybe it was out of sympathy, plenty have told me that I could talk to them any time that I want but in the end, what they did was ignore me. What happened to growing up and learning  to be responsible for your words?  Not everyone is actually out to get a piece of you. Everyone has a dream but some people just had to start feeding in endless hope to someone and in the end tore down the dreams themselves. It doesn’t really matter if they realize or do not realise what they did.


I feel like I’ve ranted enough. I’m going to be more active in the future building up my public image. We all need a place to rant sometimes and Facebook and Twitter just doesn’t seem like the right platform to do it anymore. Times have changed and I guess considering that people have, I should too.




Mar 082014

There are so many things that has happened. Over and over again I ask myself how do I deal with this? Many thinks that I’m ok. I’m not facing anymore challenges or stress as before.

I was diagnosed with reactive depression almost 2 years ago. I honestly thought that I had gotten over it. I thought I managed to pull myself out from the worst and perhaps most horrible situation that I would ever be in. I stopped medication last year but I have a feeling that it’s coming back all over again.


I wake up in sweats and not knowing what went wrong. I get uneasy when I see a lot of people around me whispering. My mood changes it’s direction without the need to break and turn. I don’t know how I should deal with this. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep and not worry about anything. I guess that’s the one reason why I am afraid of being alone. I can’t stand being alone because while I may be thinking at times when I’m stressed or unhappy that I want to be alone, it actually kills me even more. I stress myself so badly that I don’t even know how I can survive.

People that have been through depression would agree about this. You will never know how hard it is to get through life with depression. No one knows. I’m worried that it’ll be back. I’m worried that it’s already back. I don’t want to face it again.

Mar 052014

I may have been lucky to have stumbled upon this but TODAY there will be 10 lucky winners that would have a chance to win 10 tickets to one of the most anticipated events that will be held in the GO KART CIRCUIT in Sepang MALAYSIA!


All you have to do is click on this photo here in Life in Color’s official facebook page and post your most creative caption for the photo and the lucky winners names will be announced tomorrow morning! Well what are you waiting for? Head over to the official facebook page NOW by click on the photos!


Mar 052014

8 more days till the more anticipated party of 2014!



Why am I posting this? I believe in sharing and I did notice that I just received an email from ChurpChurp that is reminding me for the final call to be able to win one of 10 pairs of exclusive VIP 3-day passes to FMFA 2014, with Meet & Greet session + a whole carton of Asahi Super Dry,all worth RM1,536!


Honestly speaking, how many people actually DO get the chance to meet the artists Deadmau5, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Armin van Buuren and Pharrell Williams in such an events? Most importantly, when will it be the next time before we get to see them again?


If you have not bought any tickets to the FMFA 2014 here’s just 3 simple steps that you would need to follow:


1.  You must follow @AsahiMalaysia and @Churp2 on Instagram, tag us (@AsahiMalaysia and @Churp2) and include the hashtag #AsahiXFMFA14 in your submission!

2.  Take an #OOTD of your wildest party outfit with at least one Asahi product (can, bottle or pint) & upload it on Instagram.


3.  Copy the caption provided below and fill in the blanks with the names of YOUR favourite artist that will be performing!


“I want to win FMFA 2014 VIP tickets with @AsahiMalaysia, so I can share an Asahi with _______! Win your tickets now with Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 Beer. #AsahiXFMFA14 @Churp2″


Hurry! Contest ends by 9th March 2014 (THIS SUNDAY)!


I highly recommend that you read the T&C posted .

Mar 032014

Taiwan has all the while been a powerhouse alongside with the Phillipines in the billiard sports. This year, Chieh-Yu CHOU wins the title again in a all women tournament that is held annually in Taiwan against Russian Anna Mazhirina!

She was also the winner for the 2012 Amway Cup where she played very well against Jasmine Ouschan. This year, she claims that she actually got lucky. Do read more about the news year on Alison Chang’s page

Mar 032014

The rocket had just won the 2014 Welsh Open that was held just hours ago with a score of 9-3 in a best of 17 frames tournament. What is more astonishing is that he won it with a maximum break of 147 against China’s Ding Junhui!


Here’s a video of the final match when the score was 7-1. Enjoy!


Feb 262014

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for $19billion dollars..Wait… did I read it wrongly?? $19billion dollars?!?!!!



The first thing that I had in my mind was “what sort of joke would people come up with this time? Maybe Facebook couldn’t afford to pay the WhatsApp subscription fees?”




Well anyway, this really seemed like a super shocking piece of news for me because honestly $19billion is seriously a lot of money. However, after reading what Forbes had to say here it has seriously reminded me how fast technology is changing. Being an ex-techie guy didn’t really seem to help because I was no longer involved in the industry actively that it does make me wonder how fast does the world actually change now? It’s time to stop chasing the future and perhaps start leading the change. This is how I see it from what Facebook is doing.

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