Sep 192012

When Nuffnang “tried” to hide the news well not really hide la since they were telling the world about their secret plan, it got me really excited because somehow, knowing the nuffies, I knew that it was going to be something different! Hence the day came and I was finally able to download the NuffnangX app on iOS!


Here is how it looks like for the iOS. I’m really excited to be honest because what have been done here is seriously a first!

But as I was getting over excited, this happens…


This happens!!! Anyway, I kept myself calm and went over to @nuffnangx on twitter and found out they are debugging the system since it is so new.

It’s understandable. I mean look, at least they are trying to solve it right?

Well, guess I’ll wake up tomorrow and try to claim my blog first. Good night for now. I’ll be leaving back for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow afternoon!

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