Jun 052013

What do you do when you meet all different types of people? My personal life has taught me a lot; or perhaps I could say it has molded me into who I am today.

The Materialistic
These are the people I don’t fear most because they are straight forward and honest. They don’t beat around the bushes and try and impress you. They don’t need to because they are very clear of what they want.

The Liar
Those in this category are harmful depends on how you think of it. For instance, those that love to brag about about themselves are probably the most harmless. Their aim is to impress people and perhaps to be accepted easier in new groups. But what about those that are just out to get something from you? These are the types that perhaps create the most problems as they make people build walls around them to protect themselves. It can be seen in multiple types of relationships. Girls can get hurt because they are in love but the guys could just be out to have sex with the girl. Not all guys are bad, but it’s just strange how bad boys get most of the girls. Some girls are also just out to get a chunk of the guy’s bling bling up to the point where they can even make do with the respect of their own body. These are just purely examples.

The Good Guy.
The sort that would go all out to help any people around them. Be it friends or strangers or their crushes. What it seemed to hit me is how good guys never get their girls. It just hit me without realising it all this while when I was watching a YouTube video made by a rather famous YouTuber. In the video, you can see that most good guys never get the girl they want because all they want to do is see their friend happy.

I believe there are too many different types of people that it is impossible for me to list down all of them. Somehow, we all fall into one of the above categories.

I remember once read a friend’s status’ “If you let the person have the opportunity to get hurt, there is a high chance that you will definitely get hurt. So NEVER give anyone the chance to hurt you so you wilk be happy”.

I feel it’s rather subjective but in the real world, the harder to try avoid getting hurt the closer it gets to you. It’s not just from love relationships but also from friendships.

Experiences will mold you into what you are today but you can still decide on who you want to be tomorrow.

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