Jan 152014

It’s the 15th of January. I know I’m super late in this. Haven’t had the time to make some updates on what do I want for my new years resolution. Well, I’m in Sibu airport now. Have no WiFi here so I’m stuck with my mobile network. Aiden actually threw my S4 into the bathtub yesterday afternoon when we were filling it with water to prepare him for a bath. It’s less than a year old and even with the warranty, it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to make the claim due to water damage. Sigh, oh well!


I shall update more on my blog. My promise and wish as my new years resolution. Want to get back into the online media. I guess I no longer care about the number of visitors but instead I care about what I write and think only. So, it shall remain that way, till I change my mind. Probably wouldn’t be able to get sponsorship as well since my interest has all changed. Lost my interest in photography already. I’m now more interested in business; trying to find more business opportunities by my own. I guess that’s how passionate I am about creating business opportunities. I’m also interested in billiards. No way I can get sponsorship from companies such as Aramith, Predator, Mezz or Kamui. I don’t have the skills and I’m already a little too old to enter this as a career so it’s a big no-no.


Shall work out more. My goal is actually to live a healthier lifestyle. Looking at everyone around me, everyone seems to have lost weight and look great. Shall follow what is needed and I won’t lose my last name just like how my friend decided it’s better to lose her last name ‘Yeoh’ than to lose weight. Sorry, if you’re reading this, I know you will remember me even more hahaha!


This is just part 1 of my new years resolution. I shall update more, later or soon. It’s 9.30am now and since my flight got delayed I finally found an excuse to write this. I need to work on my writing skills more. Seems like all my posts are now all so boring.

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