Jan 302014

Well today is the day we drove up to Limbang. It’s the latest day of the year for CNY and I found this very interesting

How can they draw the lines so perfectly synchronised to the road conditions?

Anyway, I just wanna share a video to all my friends

A new year would also mean more opportunities. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous horse year. If you’re a student,  I wish for you to achieve good grades; if you’re a working adult, I wish for you to achieve success in you’re career.  Most importantly, I wish that everyone will have good health!

Jan 152014

It’s the 15th of January. I know I’m super late in this. Haven’t had the time to make some updates on what do I want for my new years resolution. Well, I’m in Sibu airport now. Have no WiFi here so I’m stuck with my mobile network. Aiden actually threw my S4 into the bathtub yesterday afternoon when we were filling it with water to prepare him for a bath. It’s less than a year old and even with the warranty, it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to make the claim due to water damage. Sigh, oh well!


I shall update more on my blog. My promise and wish as my new years resolution. Want to get back into the online media. I guess I no longer care about the number of visitors but instead I care about what I write and think only. So, it shall remain that way, till I change my mind. Probably wouldn’t be able to get sponsorship as well since my interest has all changed. Lost my interest in photography already. I’m now more interested in business; trying to find more business opportunities by my own. I guess that’s how passionate I am about creating business opportunities. I’m also interested in billiards. No way I can get sponsorship from companies such as Aramith, Predator, Mezz or Kamui. I don’t have the skills and I’m already a little too old to enter this as a career so it’s a big no-no.


Shall work out more. My goal is actually to live a healthier lifestyle. Looking at everyone around me, everyone seems to have lost weight and look great. Shall follow what is needed and I won’t lose my last name just like how my friend decided it’s better to lose her last name ‘Yeoh’ than to lose weight. Sorry, if you’re reading this, I know you will remember me even more hahaha!


This is just part 1 of my new years resolution. I shall update more, later or soon. It’s 9.30am now and since my flight got delayed I finally found an excuse to write this. I need to work on my writing skills more. Seems like all my posts are now all so boring.

Nov 142013

Hi all, just a quick update. Renovations on the condo in KL is done and now I’m officially staying here; that is when I’m in KL in the future. As I’m moving back and I have a lot of things that I have to settle personally, but I’m guess I’ll be back here, soon.. No longer for play but for work. Have a feeling that I will be able to be successful venturing out on my own. Let’s hope that I can seriously make it happen!

Sep 182013

Short update before flying back to Kuala Lumpur today, I’m feeling extremely excited to be one of the apple users that can experience the iOS 7 in the next few hours. Have been reading a lot of reviews lately regarding it and while I’m worried about the battery drain, I guess it’s part of the process of improving? At least I have my Yoobao YB-665 with me to help me stay charged up when I’m away from home. People that are gonna say that I’m one of the fanboys, please do keep in view that I’m using a S4 as well. Technically, both have it’s benefits and problems, so I balance my work life with a combination of both iOS and Android.


Anyway, no photos as my house WiFi is still down thanks to Telekom. The housing area behind my house and the hotels in front are already running on UniFi. Really hoping that the problems with the cables are enough for them to make the change so we could change to UniFi as well. Besides, the Telekom center is just like, less than 500m away. Ironic right? I know..


Anyway, I know that people who are gonna be reading my blog is going to be just come close friends and family. A lot of people do not know that apple is coming out with a new OS, the iOS7¬†to replace the old iOS 6.1.4. While I wanted to steal some photos from Apple to share here, it seems that the traffic on apple is SO BAD that I can’t even load the photos. The view is totally distorted. Urg, reminds me of the release of iOS 6. So if you really wanna know more about the iOS 7, and you are just TOO lazy to do the search, I’ll be a good guy; just click >>>HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE<<<.

Jun 052013

What do you do when you meet all different types of people? My personal life has taught me a lot; or perhaps I could say it has molded me into who I am today.

The Materialistic
These are the people I don’t fear most because they are straight forward and honest. They don’t beat around the bushes and try and impress you. They don’t need to because they are very clear of what they want.

The Liar
Those in this category are harmful depends on how you think of it. For instance, those that love to brag about about themselves are probably the most harmless. Their aim is to impress people and perhaps to be accepted easier in new groups. But what about those that are just out to get something from you? These are the types that perhaps create the most problems as they make people build walls around them to protect themselves. It can be seen in multiple types of relationships. Girls can get hurt because they are in love but the guys could just be out to have sex with the girl. Not all guys are bad, but it’s just strange how bad boys get most of the girls. Some girls are also just out to get a chunk of the guy’s bling bling up to the point where they can even make do with the respect of their own body. These are just purely examples.

The Good Guy.
The sort that would go all out to help any people around them. Be it friends or strangers or their crushes. What it seemed to hit me is how good guys never get their girls. It just hit me without realising it all this while when I was watching a YouTube video made by a rather famous YouTuber. In the video, you can see that most good guys never get the girl they want because all they want to do is see their friend happy.

I believe there are too many different types of people that it is impossible for me to list down all of them. Somehow, we all fall into one of the above categories.

I remember once read a friend’s status’ “If you let the person have the opportunity to get hurt, there is a high chance that you will definitely get hurt. So NEVER give anyone the chance to hurt you so you wilk be happy”.

I feel it’s rather subjective but in the real world, the harder to try avoid getting hurt the closer it gets to you. It’s not just from love relationships but also from friendships.

Experiences will mold you into what you are today but you can still decide on who you want to be tomorrow.

Jun 042013

My dear friends, I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (actually all forms of social medias) used to be my life. I was on it almost all the time when I was awake. I mean I could literally think that it would have easily occupied 80-90% of my time! My blog was made to keep all my friends updated but I guess it’s a different sort of thing now. I dislike socializing via the internet. Phone seems to be my priority.


I’ve changed a lot, and I do mean a LOT. I guess in some ways, I’ve matured but at certain issues, I’m still a kid inside my head.




This is my grandpa and my cousin (sorry sis, I just had to steal this!). Somehow, in my mind, I remember this day. Not the details but just how our family would gather by the beach for BBQ sessions. I bet I was still very young when this photo was taken. But it remains in my heart.


Why am I posting this? Because I miss him. I regret not being able to fulfill my last promise to him. I remember very clearly that he passed away the day before my last paper of the semester. I could never shake off the feeling because I knew right away something was wrong. I remembered that night, I couldn’t sleep. It felt restless. When my mom called me the next morning right before my paper, I knew something¬† was wrong but what could I do? I was 1,374km away and it was a 2 hour flight. All I could do was act as if I did not have a clue.


The night I flew back, I did not want to sleep. I wanted to stay awake. Watch ahgong and burn more money for ahgong. Till today, I remember 3 things that had happened during the waking. First was when my cousin kept me company to burn money for ahgong, but it was obvious my cousin was very tired so I told her to get some rest. I remember after she went into the house to get some rest, I heard ahgong’s voice. I seriously heard his voice calling out to me! It wasn’t clear but I just knew it was him. It never gave me any chills but I remember tearing away there but I kept quiet.


The next incident was when everyone woke up the next morning. They told me to get some rest. I had a dream about ahgong. He and I were talking but I just can’t remember our conversation. But the last incident was the one I can’t forget. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a Taoism prayers of some sort to send my ahgong off for his re-birth(I think). The prayer was over an hour long but I remember when it just started, I felt my left arm having some pain. At first I thought nothing of it but longer the prayer continued, the pain became even stronger. I remember that at a certain point of time, I was very sure that it is someone’s hand; I was thinking that it was ahgong’s hand. I remember telling ahgong to leave peacefully. I will take care of ahma for him. After the prayers, the pain stopped and the grip on my hand was released. I remember seeing a hand’s mark on my arm.


After the cremation, our whole family fell sick. I guess we all love ahgong so much that we prayed to God that we want to share ahgong’s pain. We do not want him to feel the pain any longer as we do not want him to suffer. I remember that I prayed every few hours so that ahgong will be alright. But ahgong had passed away, and I can still remember the stupid things the doctor’s in that hospital did. If we had sent him to a different hospital, he may still be here.


Father’s Day is coming soon, and every year all I can think is how different it would be if ahgong was still here. I wish I could change the past but I just can’t. That’s just the way life is. I guess I’m too used to keeping things to myself. Hence it has brought an even bigger impact on me.


Last year, the doctor diagnosed me with reactive depression. It has been over half a year but it isn’t improving. Instead, I feel that it’s actually becoming worse. This has caused a lot of issues for me, particularly with my university. I seriously don’t know what else I could do. I’m so tired. I really need a break. It’s been on my mind for a while, for me to go travelling alone and just relax. But how could I? I have my responsibilities. I can’t just leave everything behind.


There are so many things that is going on in my head but I can never pen it down. Not because I don’t want to, but I just can’t. It’s something personal and I prefer to deal with it myself. I don’t know where will my life lead me, but I am hoping for the best now. I have to find my purpose. But I guess for now, I should prioritize in making sure that I get rid of my sickness.

May 132013

I can’t believe that I have not updated ANYTHING since my last NuffnangX post and that was when I was still in Sheffield I believe! Anyway, the elections are over and I wish that people could just look past their disappointment and make life easier for everyone. The social network is where people ‘socialize’ NOT for haters etc to flame others and create chaos. Will update on my current condition with photos. Sigh, it’s been really tough for me. I seriously have no idea how long more can I hold on.

Sep 192012

When Nuffnang “tried” to hide the news well not really hide la since they were telling the world about their secret plan, it got me really excited because somehow, knowing the nuffies, I knew that it was going to be something different! Hence the day came and I was finally able to download the NuffnangX app on iOS!


Here is how it looks like for the iOS. I’m really excited to be honest because what have been done here is seriously a first!

But as I was getting over excited, this happens…


This happens!!! Anyway, I kept myself calm and went over to @nuffnangx on twitter and found out they are debugging the system since it is so new.

It’s understandable. I mean look, at least they are trying to solve it right?

Well, guess I’ll wake up tomorrow and try to claim my blog first. Good night for now. I’ll be leaving back for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow afternoon!

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